Plans to film pro wrestling legend Rob Van Dam doing a standup comedy tour are drastically changed when concussion symptoms unexpectedly take priority in Joe Clarke's candid and unflinching documentary!


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“Those of us lucky enough to know Rob Van Dam would say he’s real…genuine, honest, funny, and just like his song - “One of a kind.” His new documentary you can see how real a superhero’s life can be. After watching it and seeing what fans don’t usually get to see, I HIGHLY suggest checking this out.”

Justin Roberts

A Must See

Jim Ross

“That was one of the main things I liked about the documentary is that you deal with everything in a positive way. No felling bad for yourself or suffering. I thought you did a really good job of dealing with some harsh subject matter without ever acting like a victim. ”

John Morrison

“I loved it.”


Social Media reviews

“RVD gives you a glimpse into his life, his passion for wrestling, & stand-up comedy. Also shows what these guys/gals put their bodies through in the ring.” @OriginalCynergy

“Watched the @TherealRVD documentary. LOVED it highly recommend!!” #Robvandam @wrestleholic_87

“Very Good, I loved it. It’s real and I found it to be very inspiring.” @CLaRoccaJR

“Just finished watching it. Amazing. Glad to see @therealRVD taking concussions seriously.” @ChristTony

“@therealRVD really enjoyed #headstrong. Do more documentaries!! Wrestling, comedy, whatever. You’re so much fun to watch!” @OWrestling316

“Headstrong” a documentary about @therealREVD is absolutely riveting, and 100% a must watch for any fan of wrestling. It’s a real, untamed look at one of the greatest to ever get in the squared circle. And they don’t back from something we avoid discussing, concussions.” @Nelstar15

“Really enjoyed Headstrong. Happy for you that after everything you’re in a good place.” @BGCLT75

“@therealRVD Watched “Headstrong” last night. One of the best docs I’ve seen in a while. You guys did a fantastic job.” @carrie_helen13

“Just watched Headstrong, a documentary about @therealRVD. Needless to say it was worth every penny, and I highly recommend it.” @BenMcCoy825

“@therealRVD just watched #headstrong and it was really eye opening on so many levels…I love it bro! Thanks for all the entertainment over the years! Continued success and happiness...” @Sinner2saint